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HELP ME Break this Cycle of Anxiety and Stress!

Learn easy ways to break your cycles of anxiety and stress

Where do we get our anxiety and stress? How many of these situations can you relate too?
Anxiety and Stress = Feelings of Hopelessness • Anxiety and stress in finances
• Anxiety and stress in health
• Anxiety and stress in family relations
• Anxiety and stress in employment or self employment
• Anxiety and stress in our children's education and future
• Anxiety and stress over circumstances in which you have no control
• Anxiety and stress over change
• Anxiety and stress over things you can't change
• The list goes on and on

When you come here for treatment for anxiety or stress, I will use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you, and teach you how to do it for yourself. EFT is a form of energy therapy in which we use the fingers to tap on different areas of the face and upper body. From now on, on this page, I will refer to tapping rather than EFT, but it will mean the same thing.

I'll show you all the points so you can learn it quickly and easily. I'll even show you what to say in the beginning, so you understand the process thoroughly, and don't get tongue-tied. By the time you leave here, you will know instinctively what to do, what to say, and you will have experienced firsthand the wonderful results that come from tapping.

Tapping allows you to become instantly stronger and tougher because it allows you to get rid of all the emotional baggage that goes with the feelings that you have, and the guilt and the shame, and all the other emotions that you sometimes feel when things aren't going right. The same things that drive your anxiety and stress.

The minute you feel anxious, for whatever reason, you can take that as a sign to go straight into your tapping. As soon as you feel it coming up, just think 'Whoa, Whoa a minute, slow down', and begin your tapping. Once you do that several times, your body soon realizes that anxiety and stress is the driver of your emotions. When you bring your negative, or inappropriate emotions down to an acceptable level, you can approach your problems and ideas from a completely different perspective. And, that's usually enough to get the answer you want, when previously there wasn't one forthcoming.

Anxiety Makes You Feel Like You're in a Big Empty Room Let me tell you how this works
When you get anxious, or when a situation arises and you are stressed, the end result is normally something you can live with, a way of getting through that problem. However good or bad that way, however efficient, timely or acceptable that was, you usually come through it, don't you? It may not be exactly as you'd planned, but the point is you survive whatever the problem was.

Because you come out of it and survive, your brain takes it as a signal that this is an acceptable way to get through your problems, and to solve your problems. So the next time something similar happens, the brain pattern matches your previous experiences, because it wants to survive again, includes everything about the experience, like how you felt, what your emotions were at the time, your thinking patterns, and recreates them as a way to solve this new problem too. It is an ancient hard-wired mechanism in the brain that ensures your survival.

So if your brain has linked your emotional state of anxiety, stress, worry, or fear to problem solving, it will do it's best to recreate the exact same sequences that helped you survive the last time this happened, thus ensuring you the best chance of living through the experience this time. All the while the brain is thinking, I remember this state the last time, my heart raced, I was breathing really fast, I couldn't catch my breath, I started to well up inside and I began to cry, I got a headache, and so on. The brain remembers all that and responds in the same way for each new event. You have developed a habit, which becomes ingrained in us, and then turns into a core belief.

So the idea of the tapping is to drive a wedge into that core belief, to break that pattern of learned behaviour which says you have to be anxious. Once you do that, you have more choices about how to respond.

Do you find it strange that when someone tells you about their relationship, or you hear them arguing, it's nearly always about the same thing? It's because they haven't found a new way to respond to the issues in their relationship, nothing ever gets resolved. They will both go so far down the path on their side of the argument, one will give in or compromise, the other will see they have the power and close the argument. Nothing is settled, but the brain registers that the relationship has survived again, and reinforces the way arguments are settled. Even the one that compromises, who eventually becomes resentful, can't help themselves, but rather sees resentment as the price of surviving in the relationship. And so they live on to fight another day.

By using tapping to break the deadlock, you can settle disputes amicably on both sides of the argument, both parties are happy, and can move on. If you are going to argue, and some people enjoy a good heated debate of course, you've got to at least argue about something new. Not the same thing over and over again. Who needs that?

The beauty of tapping is this
When you learn tapping and you get to the point where you've practiced it enough, any time you even think about tapping your anxiety will come down. Because your brain has now got a new choice. You have had experiences that previously dictated you become stressed or anxious, yet you survived without it. You have a new tool that has taken the anxiety away. Remember, anxiety and stress is hard work for the body and the brain is lazy. So if you give the brain an easy alternative, it will take it every time. Accepting the non-anxious route becomes a no-brainer. Happy Family Without the Anxiety and Stress

Even though it is clear the patterns we follow are from learned experience, our priority here is to unlearn it. The best way to unlearn something is to put something else in its place. You do that by doing the alternative often enough to make it real, not something imagined, or easily dismissed, but real, so the unconscious has to take notice. You have the power to do that simply by repetition of the tapping. Afterall, it was repetition that got you in trouble in the first place, it will be repetition that gets you out of it. That's how you learn any new skill.

If you decide tomorrow I'm going to learn welding; nobody can just pick up a welding rod and make a lovely seam, and make two pieces of metal stick together forever without pulling apart. It takes practice. But you practice often enough, and get your instruction from someone who knows how to do it properly, then you will be able to make a weld that nobody can ever break. In fact, the metal will bend and break next to the weld, but if you do it right, a weld will never break. And tapping is the same. If you practice and learn to do it properly, the things you fix with it are permanently repaired. That doesn't mean things that are broken won't show up elsewhere, but if they do, you just tap on them too.

I hope this has given you some idea of the options that you have, and made you realize you don't have to live with stress and anxiety. I hope also that you will give EFT and the tapping procedure a try, as it is such an easy thing to master, in it's tapping sequences and in the dialogue you choose to make the changes happen. I look forward to your call and welcoming you to The Haven for your appointment.

But I live too far away to come and see you. Is there any other way you can help me?
Try the Relaxation at the Beach CD or MP3. On this recording is a peaceful, relaxing guided meditation, the kind that brings your whole mind and body back to the centre, The Relaxation at the Beach CD Stress Reduction Technique where you can see things with a new perspective, a place where you feel back in control, able to face the world and take on the very things that brought you here in the first place. This recording was created to help you when your emotional tanks have run dry and you need a recharge. Allow the gentle music and guided meditation to help you reduce, prevent and cope with stress. This CD will contribute mightily to your greater emotional and physical health, just by listening to it now and then when you feel the need.

Everyone has a unique response to anxiety and stress and there is no “one size fits all” solution to managing your anxiety and stress. That's the beauty of meditation. Everyone has a unique experience to meditation and it is this fact that allows you to reduce your anxiety and stress on your own terms. No single method works for everyone or in every situation, so experimenting with different meditation techniques will allow you to focus on what makes you feel calm and in control. I hope you'll feel confident enough to give the beach relaxation CD a try for yourself, I'm sure you will find it beneficial. Just click the image of the beach cd and order your copy now. If you choose the mp3 option, you will be able to get it by instant download.

Don't continue to live with anxiety and stress If you live in any of the towns and villages in the list below, you are well within a 2-40 minute drive of The Haven Healing Centre, and I'd be delighted to help you with this condition. Primarily, the first thing is to bring you hope that there is an answer that is helpful, then to treat you and see how you respond. Secondly, the idea is to teach you these simple techniques so you can do this yourself, whenever you need help again, saving you money, time and travelling/treatment expenses in the future.
Please call Phil Chave on 01934 740275 to book your private consultation or to talk about a treatment plan structured around your needs. Don't wait. Make your appointment today. You'll be glad you did!

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