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Aromatherapy Massage - Hands on Therapy

Balance the emotions and improve general health and wellbeing

Aromatherapy Massage Bring the healing properties of plants and flowers right into your soul
Aromatherapy massage is a form of alternative treatment that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health and to help achieve those therapeutic benefits in a warm sense-filled environment.

Aromatherapy massages are very good for you because they help you to relax, to promote healing in the body, to assist with sleep and they help you to improve your overall circulation. Essential oils play a large part in the massage because they can be uplifting on the one hand, or help you to relax on the other, depending on the oils selected and your own particular preferences.

When you combine the soft and gentle massage moves of aromatherapy, with the smells and oils (and candles if you like them), they combine into a really nice treat, for yourself or someone special.

Relaxation is the start of the healing process. By placing yourself in the hands of a caring and competent therapist, and by allowing yourself to be gently stretched, stroked, rolled, pummeled and squeezed, you will be able to let go of any physical pain and emotional pain, at least for a time, and realize the therapeutic beauty of aromatherapy massage. Aromatherapy Massage with male masseur

In addition, aromatherapy creates certain physical effects in the body, like stimulation of the circulation and lymphatic system, the benefits of which have been well known for centuries. This micro management of the skin improves skin tone and nourishes and moisturizes the outer layers of the skin, as well as the underlying sub-tissue, where fibrous tissue is softened and removed from the body. Increased lubrication and nutrition of the skin gives you a healthy glowing radiance on the outside and a curiously calm and tranquil interior.

So what's the secret of a great aromatherapy massage? Constant, persistent, rhythmic flow, with softness and gentleness.

Almost everyone I see has an issue with some part of their body, usually the lower back or upper back and shoulders, moving into the neck. Few of us get away with neck and shoulder tension forever, and at some point, most of us will suffer lower back and hip pain, sometimes repeatedly. What aromatherapy massage does is bring long strokes to an otherwise short, tight muscle. Aromatherapy Massage

It is a way of showing the body that just by relaxing a little bit with each passing stroke, you can achieve a healing response that brings oxygen and nutrition back to the muscle. The rolling and stretching of the fascia and connective tissue releases tension, ironing out soft tissue adhesions, reducing pain, and initiating a healing response in the cells and tissue that brings calm to even the most anxious mind.

The effect of all this relaxation is improved movement in the joints of the body, a reduction in pain, an increase in blood circulation and a reduction in oedema. The ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists too will all benefit.

Aromatherapy does not claim to cure any conditions, but it does seem to help the body to find a natural way to cure itself and improve immune response. That is enough in my book; enough to give it a try anyway. Escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy massage at a time convenient to you. A truly blissful massage with soothing aromatherapy oils to unwind and relax.

Use Aromatherapy Massage to treat yourself and help to improve your overall harmony and wellbeing. I hope you have found this information useful and feel encouraged to come for a treatment. Please contact me if you want to find out about appointments and prices. I look forward to hearing from you. Phil.

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