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Now available as an MP3 download.
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Relaxation at the Beach

                                                            - a guided meditation and stress reduction program by Philip Chave

A super powerful stress reduction technique available NOW!

The Relaxation at the Beach CD

This CD is for ANYONE who really, really wants to lose the STRESS in their lives. Learn simple healthier ways to manage your stress.

Have you ever thought that there’s nothing you can do about your stress level? You've never really enjoyed your job, but you do it anyway. Bills drop on the mat with monotonous regularity. The house always needs cleaning. There's never enough hours in the day for all your jobs. Your children demand more and more of your time and money. Your waistline is expanding. The car service is overdue. The garden is full of weeds. Some, or all of these ring a bell?

The secret is to take charge of your life. Take back control of the things around you that have taken over. That is the foundation of all stress reduction. The simple solution to stress is contained on this CD, and is available now. Order your CD today! MP3 now available with instant download 24/7! No waiting for the postman to arrive.

Learn to manage your stress levels and help prevent conditions like, anxiety, depression and more. Stress can overwhelm even the strongest and healthiest of us. Combat the signs of stress and strain by taking action NOW! Don't continue to struggle on a daily basis. Try this effective stress reliever to restore your inner peace and physical health. Order your CD copy today! Or, listen as soon as NOW with instant download by mp3.

Relaxation at the Beach CD
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Recognize the 'early warning signals'; stress reduction that works!

What stops you experiencing the love of life, the passion of a great relationship, and living the life you want? STRESS!

A Beautiful Relaxing Beach Scene What force is at work in keeping you out of relationships or stuck in a bad one that is making you both miserable? STRESS!

Is your business doing really well, but your personal life crap? You could be suffering with STRESS!

Are you in great physical shape and have lots of great friends, but struggle to make the deep passionate connections that are the hallmark of a good relationship? You could be using STRESS as a shield.

Are you struggling with depression, even though you feel your life is great in lots of other areas? A major contributor is likely to be STRESS.

Maximise the quality of your life, your relationships, your work, your family, your emotions, your health and well-being. Deal with the stress and live your DREAM LIFE now!

Use your beach CD regularly, relax with your beach CD, enjoy your beach CD, strive and drive yourself toward fulfillment and happiness. Believe you can switch out of negative emotional habits. Accomplish everything you ever desired and meet your needs, consciously and unconsciously. Order your copy today!

Why is this CD so special?
The CD contains an extra FREE track:

1.) Relaxation at the beach
        The perfect way to de-stress and build up your emotional energies.
Extra FREE track
2.) Beach Relaxation with an emotional element
        This extra FREE track takes you further into relaxation and also helps you deal with any emotional problems at the same time.
What do you mean by emotional element?
Our emotions play a very important part in how we feel at any particular time, and the emotional element helps you deal with any emotions that may be bothering you at any time.
For example, you may be bothered by a family member who is upsetting you. You may have shame or guilt over an issue that has been holding you back for a long time. Are you overweight; do you know why? Is there an emotional element that you find difficult to come to terms with? Is there an emotional reason why you are not financially in the place you want to be?
The extra FREE track 2 helps you deal with these things.

Here's what you need to do: You sit in a chair, play the CD and follow the instructions, have a fantastic time walking along on the beach. Then go back to your life and see what happens. That's it! I promise you, it's as simple as that! I believe this CD could substantially reduce the stress you are under and give you back control of your life, before it takes control of you.

I feel life has already beaten me down. Can I ever recover? - Absolutely you can recover! Just because you feel you have gone far along this path of being stressed out, doesn't mean you can't make changes that will turn your life around. It may take a little longer, maybe a few days or weeks longer, but it will be worth it. You just have to be a little more persistent and dedicated. But make it, you will! You'll very quickly see the difference. In your health, in your relations to others, in our partner, your children, your family and work collegues.

Don't waste another day..... The sooner you start, the faster you will make a difference. Order your copy today!

    • £6.95 including free P&P worldwide - CD
    • £2.49 with INSTANT DOWNLOAD on your MP3
    • Time investment: 28min 22s
    • Use to REDUCE STRESS in all situations
    • Suitable for adults or children
Increase effectiveness by listening to your CD regularly:
Relaxation at the Beach is a guided meditation that will help you take some of the stress in your life and exchange it for peace, tranquility, calm and wonderful feelings of time well spent and emotional contentment.

Please email me with your experiences.

For centuries, doctors and scientists have assumed there must be many, many reasons or triggers for all the different diseases and conditions that we can encounter. A Beautiful Relaxing Boat Scene That's why we have such a huge variety of prescription drugs these days, and hundreds more new ones every year. But thanks to recent research and the millions of complementary therapists who have been saying it all along, the medical community has at last begun to suspect that there is a single, underlying trigger for many of the major diseases and chronic conditions we face in our world today. THAT TRIGGER IS STRESS! Mankind has never, never, lived in times like these!

One of the main reasons we stay healthy for much of the time is because for thousands of years our ancestors have built up immunity to illness and disease, and then passed on that immunity to us. The health and efficiency of the immune system is under attack, all day, every day, over and over. This keeps the immune system up together and on the look out. Once a disease is encountered, our immune system takes it to the lab, analyzes it, attacks it, and destroys it. It then creates a memory that means every time that disease comes back, it is already locked and loaded and ready to blast it down.

Stress, is like poison to your immune system. It's like drip feeding poison into your body to the point where the immune system becomes compromised and is not up to scratch anymore. We can create underlying illness that keeps us below par and just generally feeling under the weather.

The reason for creating this CD is to combat the stress poison that brings the body down. What I'm talking about is one gentle, yet powerful solution for virtually all your stress. It doesn't just mask the symptoms. When the stress is gone, your body can go back to fighting and healing your health problems, your relationship problems, your work problems and your family problems. Go on, give it a try, Order your copy today!

NEW! Also available as an instant MP3 download, anytime 24/7
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How to Order Your CD or MP3 by   Royal Mail  
Many people still prefer to use the Post and so I am happy to receive a UK cheque (payable to "Philip Chave")
Send it to: Mr P Chave, The Haven Healing Centre, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset   BS27 3RU
Don't forget to include, the CD/DVD/MP3 you are ordering and your return address. Thank You.

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Note 2: I am karmically convinced of the safety of this product, but as I cannot directly influence how you use the CD, I can assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur to you or anyone else who uses this product or applies the healing technique. The method of Healing presented here and on the CD is not intended as a substitute for professional health care. - Phil

Note 3: Please be aware that this CD does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Continue with your prescribed medication. Self healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

Note 4: Copyright Notice. All material produced by The Haven Healing Centre and the Distant Healer Home Therapist Series is protected by copyright law. You may make one backup copy of your CD or MP3 for your own personal use. You may not otherwise reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, or create derivative works of this material, unless authorized by The Haven Healing Centre.

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