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Bio-Stress Release - rapid relief from postural distortion, pain & musculoskeletal dysfunction

Bio-Stress Release for the treatment of joints, muscles and pain

Bio-Stress Release on the neck A simple chronic pain treatment that assists the body in healing itself
Bio-Stress Release therapy is an excellent way to release any troublesome or hyper-sensitive tissue and trigger points in the body easily and quickly. I have been practicing various forms of bodywork at The Haven Healing Centre for over 12 years and added the study of Bio-Stress Release to my repertoire in 2006. I've been using it in practice ever since, sometimes in combination with Spinal Touch Therapy, sometimes exclusively.

Bio-Stress Release is similar to Ortho-bionomy, Strain Counter-Strain, Positional Release and Neuromuscular Re-Education, is a good, painless way to loosen constricted muscles, and is excellent when used to combat chronic pain. This technique uses the body’s variously adjusted and held position to give a muscle the chance to relax. This requires precise positioning of a limb, or joint, or muscle, and the use of a monitor point to relax the muscle in an effortless way.

Bio-Stress Release is a beautifully gentle therapy. There is no clunking, banging, thrusting, yanking, twisting or cracking! I know many of you have had therapies that use these techniques and tactics, sometimes to your horror, and often to your subsequent discomfort. But, Bio-Stress Release is NOTHING like that!

How does stress manifest in the body?
When stress is created in abundance, it is stored in the body and not flushed away. The body stores these tensions in the muscles, joints, ligaments, organs, skin, myofascial tissue and bones. These tensions manifest as headache, neckache, backache, insomnia, exhaustion, body fatigue and pain. Bio-Stress Release of the leg

Stress is everywhere in our daily lives, both mental and physical. We all need stress to stay healthy. Carrying shopping creates stress in a muscle, wondering if you got that job you applied for creates mental stress. We need a certain amount of stress to keep us sharp, strong, growing and clear of mind. In this way, the body is a self healing machine.

My definition of health is the amount of stress we can successfully live with that doesn't cause mental, cellular, structural deterioration, postural distortion, or otherwise goes beyond the 'elastic limit' of the body to recover.

Stress is cumulative when it is created faster than the body can deal with it, and eventually, stresses will cause a malfunction which can reduce the efficiency of the healing capacity of the body. We will suffer with a muscle strain, a ligament sprain, pain of one sort or another, or a breakdown, most of which will be temporary.

Put simply, the body is capable of finding it's own centre of comfort and balance, it's been doing it all your life. But when the stress causes damage that goes beyond the body's ability to adapt to it, it is stored in the muscles or connective tissue and grows to create dysfunction and distortion. Bio-Stress Release of the arm

So when we use Bio-Stress Release to reposition the painful limb and take it out of the position of stress tension, we are just taking it back to a point of relaxation. This re-education is a kind of bio-reminder of how things were before the stress took over. The positions that the body is placed in, are held for several seconds, until the stress muscle memory is gone, and the muscle takes on the new position, creating a new memory of comfort and relaxation, and releasing the stored tension. This is what helps us conquer the pain of excess body stress.

So what does a Bio-Stress Release treatment consist of?
Normally you will be fully clothed. The only time I may need to ask you to partially undress is to measure your back during a postural assessment when Spinal Touch is also being used for your treatment. Next, I may ask you to sit in a chair or lie on a couch. By feeling through the skin at your pain site, I should be able to find a tender point, or a trigger point. These two points differ only in degree of discomfort, trigger points requiring a slightly stronger approach to remedy than do tender points.

A tender point is a site of body stress in which lines of tension are laid down along the muscle. Trigger points can feel like little lumps of coal in the muscle. I will apply light pressure to palpate the area and get an exact location of the trouble. Your body will tell me all I need to know, but you will be able to feel and confirm the location by direct sensation. I may then work the point, or move the limb to a new position, whilst holding the tense area. At some point during the move, the muscle will relax and I will hold you there for a minute or two while the muscle recognizes it is painfree and creates a new memory of where it should be on release. Bio-Stress Release of the knee

As the muscle relaxes, the blood rushes through the tissue, flushing the stored lactic acid and other waste compounds that have built up during the time of chronic stresses. At no point will I need to use any kind of force to make your body comply. It will be quite willing to relax back to its normal tone, once the pain is gone. That's all there is to it really; well almost; you move WITH the body, not against it.

Who can have Bio-Stress Release?
Everyone, from babies to the elderly, whether sick or healthy, whether mobile or not. At some point, we all go beyond our body's limitations and something breaks down or packs up. We become stuck in a circle of tension and pain. The idea of Bio-Stress Release is to break that circle, so things can return to normal. Pain, of course, is not always the main consideration, sometimes the focus is on movement or the lack thereof, which indicates stiffness or a freezing of a joint and, at other times, there is simply an unexplained reduction in sensation.

What is the theory behind Bio-Stress Release?
First ascertain where the problem is located, then create specific release positions until either, the pain is gone, there is a marked improvement in mobility, or any unnatural sensations return to normal. In finding a position that lessens or eliminates the pain, we use the law of opposites. How so? Well, if you have tightness or sensitivity in a muscle, say in the neck, you will tend to curve your neck around in the same direction. In other words you move towards the pain, as the pain point draws you toward a central location.

The solution is to make the curve around the contraction tighter, so you are exaggerating the curve. This allows the muscle to complete it's original partial contraction, which triggers the brain into releasing the contraction, after completing the move. So the brain is saying, 'Ok, you've done your job, now it's time to let go'. The muscle has no choice but to comply. Equally if you find a leg is shorter due to muscle contraction on one side, then you find the muscle, shorten the leg further, until again, the brain becomes active in letting the muscle go and lengthen the leg.

It's an amazing thing to see and to witness, but I promise you, that is exactly how it works.

Use Bio-Stress Release Therapy to treat your chronic pain and lack of mobility symptoms. Improve your overall harmony and wellbeing with this gentle approach. I hope you have found this information useful and feel encouraged to give Bio-Stress Release a try. Please contact me if you want to find out about appointments and prices. I look forward to hearing from you. Phil.

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