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Growing Pains in Childhood Technique

Rapid Relief from Growing Pains in Children + Sleep Meditation

The Growing Pains Relief Technique The Childrens Sleep Meditation

The darkness has a habit of exagerating every noise, every feeling or sensation, every emotion, every thought and every pain. But not only that, children can feel frightened and desperate, alone in the dark. Do you remember back to your own childhood? Did you suffer from growing pains? If you did you will know what your child is going through when they wake up in pain, calling for help.

If you were one of the unfortunates, who's daytime activities dictated whether you were bothered with growing pains, or not, you above all others will understand exactly what your child is now going through. And above all else, you'll want to do something about it, won't you?

The beauty of owning this DVD, and the CD if you choose to have both, is that you will have the solution at your fingertips, anytime, and everytime, you need it. Order your copy today and help your child right from day one.

What are the signs and symptoms of growing pains?
Growing pains happen late evening or at night, never in the morning, or after waking. There can be a feeling of intense pain in a localized area, usually a muscle, or it may feel like cramp. Both legs can be affected, but not necessarily at the same time. There may be pain, or a lesser degree of discomfort, in the calves, shins or ankles, or in the thighs, quads or hams.

Growing pains are relatively common in children's legs, but what is less well known is that they can also have pain in the arms. Arm growing pains can be difficult for a child because they don't really know what to do with their hands. When they have growing pains in the legs, at least children can use their hands to rub, hold or point to where it hurts.

Pain is absent by the morning, and there are no subsequent signs of inflammation, or other noticeable side effects.

Sometimes it is suggested that the taller the child, the more likely they are to have growing pains. Is this true? It's not really true, and children of any height can have growing pains.

But perhaps the question is more to do with the speed of growth. Do rapidly growing children have more chance of developing growing pains? Quite honestly, I think they do. But I fall on the side of slow muscle growth, rather than rapid bone growth.

When bones have a little spurt, then muscle and tendon can perhaps be a little slow to catch up, and with an active child, this can have an effect on the dynamics of the muscles and tendons, which may cause them to spasm during the night. Experts would argue against this, but still can offer no better theory. So perhaps the easiest thing would be to go with your experience.

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The Growing Pains DVD and Childrens Relaxation CD
The modern healthcare system has created such a deep trap of dependence that many of us have reached the point where we feel powerless to care for ourselves, or our families, even for the most minor aches and pains, without resorting to using prescription or over-the-counter drugs, or without visiting the doctor for relatively minor ailments.

My vision as a health professional and therapist is to be able to train, encourage and educate parents, their children and patients who visit The Haven Healing Centre, to be able to help themselves in ways that will improve their own body awareness, understanding and knowledge, during times of illness and times of wellness.

You too can share in that by participating in your own gentle self-care, to experience your own state of wellbeing and health in a natural and fulfilling way. This DVD about growing pains in children is one small step in that direction.

For more information please visit the Growing Pains Website.
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Note 1: Please apply caution when performing this technique. Ensure you have studied the DVD for long enough to have learned the routine thoroughly. Remember you may, or may not, fully achieve the result you desire, or the same results as another person who follows the same technique. Applying yourself to diligent self treatment will help you achieve the best result. THANK YOU. - Phil

Note 2: I am karmically convinced of the safety of this product, but as I cannot directly influence how you use the DVD, I can assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur to you or anyone else who uses this product or applies the healing technique. The method of treatment presented here and on the DVD is not intended as a substitute for professional health care. - Phil

Note 3: Please be aware that this CD does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Continue with your prescribed medication. Self healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

Note 4: Copyright Notice. All material produced by The Haven Healing Centre and the Distant Healer Home Therapist Series is protected by copyright law. You may not therefore reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, or create derivative works of this material, unless authorized by The Haven Healing Centre. Thank you for your co-operation. - Phil

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