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How to Meet and Greet Your Inner Guide

                              - a guided meditation and Spirit Guide Communication Technique by Philip Chave

A super, easy way to meet your Inner Guide, available NOW!

Meet Your Inner Guide, a CD by Philip Chave

This CD is for ANYONE who wants to explore the possibility of communicating with their Higher Self. Some call it their Inner Guide, Inner Self, Spirit Guide, Higher Self or their intuition.

What do you call yours? You know, that voice inside your head that chatters to you all the time? The one that tells you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. The one that says what a great person you are, or calls you stupid when you're not listening.

On and on, all day long, telling you you're going to be late, or to call someone, to bother, not to bother, and to fix this, or clean that. You're going to cuss me now, aren't you, because until I mentioned it, you hardly knew it was there, and now it won't shut up! Sorry.

Mankind has always had the gift of inner thought, but many have forgotten how to communicate in this way, or how important it is. Or indeed, just exactly what you can achieve when you harness the power of your intuition and your spiritual nature.

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Have you ever wondered what you would do or say if you could meet your Inner Guide?
Well, now's your chance to find out! Order your copy today! + MP3's have INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

The origin of Earth Energy If you are a healer, therapist, counsellor or health professional, you will understand completely when I say that what you 'feel' about another person, comes from your intuition. And, when you peel away the layers of that person before you, that soul, isn't it amazing how often your intuition was right all along?

When you learn to trust your intuition, to hear what your Inner Advisor is telling you, the energy in your work, the emotion in your work and your congruence in your work, all these things combine to create a 'Super Therapist', the 'Ultimate Therapist'. One who has not only great knowledge, but wisdom and compassion. This you can bring to your practice.

You owe it to your patients and clients to be the best you can be, and many therapists nowadays, spend years studying way beyond their mandate to practice. This is very much to their credit, and I honour them for thier commitment and dedication.

However you incorporate the intuitive part of your work, whether from a mechanical, scientific point of view, or whether you subscribe to the spiritual nature of your intuition, it has to come from somewhere. And if it comes from somewhere inside, then it means you can go in and get an insight into how it works, why it works and even why you need it in the first place.

Without intuition, or inner guidance, we would be operating in a non-directional way, without purpose, without cause and without responsibility. I think we'd probably go mad. So when you tell your inner voice, your Inner Guide, to go away because you're busy, give a thought to the idea that it's probably that reasoning voice, that rationalizing logic, and conscience directive, that keep you sane.

The Chakra System Enter your inner world and meet your Inner Guide. Once inside your inner world, you can do anything you want, go anywhere you want and achieve anything you want, just by thinking about it and believing you can. There you will invite your Inner Guide to meet with you.

What do they look like? It is different for everybody. Some see a man, a non-discript human form, a woman, a child, an animal, a cloud, Indian chiefs, Greek gods, Egyptian Pharoah's, an orb, a star, a bird or something else. It's best to go into your meditation without any preconcieved ideas of what your guide will look like. It can be a surprising moment! And often, it will be absolutely what you least expect, which is the entire beauty of the process. So best not to expect anything!

What will I get out of this experience?
Your advisor, however that manifests for you, will deliver the answers you seek for questions you have had all your life. Their purpose is to shadow you, to watch over you, and to guide you toward your highest good, but without standing in the way of you doing whatever you want, whether that falls in line with their plans for you, or not. Their counsel, their wisdom, their guidance, is there to show you situations and to suggest ideas that will bring you the most success and which represents your highest good.

How many times do I need to do this?
Actually, if you think of the chatterbox going on inside your head all the time, you're already doing it all day, every day, already. The point is you are probably not listening, and so it never stops. By making the time to go into your inner world and ask the questions, and listen to the advice, bring it back and act on it, you will likely get less nagging during the day, because your decisions will be more in your own interest, and those of your family, partner, your practice, your children and most importantly, YOURSELF.

Here's what you need to do:
You sit in a chair, play the CD and follow the instructions, have a fantastic time communicating with your Inner Guide or Advisor. Then take that wisdom back to your life, apply it and see what happens. That's it! I promise you, it's as simple as that! I believe this CD could substantially make a vast difference to your life, your self esteem, your confidence, and your decision making, giving you back control of your life, before it takes control of you.

Don't waste another day..... The sooner you start, the faster you will make a difference. Order your copy today!

    • 6.95 including free P&P in the UK - CD
    • 2.49 with INSTANT DOWNLOAD - MP3
    • Time investment: 31min 51s
    • Contact your Inner Guide and understand
    • Suitable for adults or children
Increase effectiveness by listening to your CD regularly:
Meeting With Your Inner Guide is a guided meditation that will show you exactly how to change your life for the better. If you're looking for peace, tranquility and calm, you've come to the right place. Achieve emotional contentment through direction and inner wisdom.
Please email me with your experiences.

NEW! Also available as an instant MP3 download
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How to Order Your CD or MP3 by   Royal Mail  
Many people still prefer to use the Post and so I am happy to receive a UK cheque (payable to "Philip Chave")
Send it to: Mr P Chave, The Haven Healing Centre, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset   BS27 3RU
Don't forget to include, the CD/DVD/MP3 you are ordering and your return address. Thank You.

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Note 2: I am karmically convinced of the safety of this product, but as I cannot directly influence how you use the CD, I can assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur to you or anyone else who uses this product or applies the healing technique. The method of Healing presented here and on the CD is not intended as a substitute for professional health care. - Phil

Note 3: Please be aware that this CD does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Continue with your prescribed medication. Self healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

Note 4: Copyright Notice. All material produced by The Haven Healing Centre and the Distant Healer Home Therapist Series is protected by copyright law. You may make one backup copy of your CD or MP3 for your own personal use. You may not otherwise reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, or create derivative works of this material, unless authorized by The Haven Healing Centre.

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