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Help for Cancer Patients Facing Chemotherapy

Diminish Fear or Anxiety Before Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, or Surgery, and Support Your Own Natural Healing Response

The Pre Operation Anxiety Relaxer

Stress reduces the effectiveness of chemotherapy!
A recent study by the Ohio State University, published in the journal for Molecular Cancer Research has demonstrated that, physical or psychological stress before cancer therapy could help the deadly cancer cells survive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, possibly negating the good work the drug might otherwise do, and leading to disease recurrence in the future.

I've seen many studies that conclude, chemotherapy contributes between 2 and 10%, to improved survival in cancer patients. And on the face of it, for all the harm chemotherapy does, that's appallingly low. But it does beg the question, could it be that patients undergoing cancer treatment might be unknowingly sabotaging their therapy because of the way they 'feel' when in that treatment? Well, this study seems to be saying exactly that!

Treat your pre-surgery stress BEFORE you go into hospital or have chemotherapy. Get help and relief for cancer treatment anxiety immediately! This CD will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective way of reducing anxiety for patients going through the trauma of chemotherapy, in all its forms. The sooner you start listening to your CD, the more effective it will be.
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Of course, nothing about having cancer could possibly be stressful could it? So what can you do?
Stress in the body - including physical stress caused by intense exercise - can initiate a stress-sensitive protein (in the presence of heat shock factor-1) that can spark a series of biological events that allow cancer cells to survive such treatments as chemotherapy and radiation, according to the researchers at Ohio State University.

Scientists first noticed that this common protein can help heart tissue survive in a toxic environment, leading to the suspicion that in cancer, this phenomenon could have serious consequences for the introduction of a toxic substance like chemotherapy. Stress induced chemicals block the process that kills cancer cells even after the cells' DNA is damaged by radiation. Research showed, the same was true when the cells were subjected to a common chemotherapy drug, reducing the benefits of the treatment. Heat shock factor-1 activates a specific protein, known as Hsp27, that ends up helping the cancer cells survive the treatment. So, even though the chemotherapy is supposed to kill the cancer cell, the cells have their own compensatory action to oppose the treatment. A case of nature finding a way!

The guidelines now suggest, strongly cautioning cancer patients about avoiding stress (including exercise induced stress), within a few days prior to chemotherapy, because that stress might trigger recurrence of cancer cell growth.

Of course, it would take another 10 year study to work out how to effectively reduce your stress level prior to your chemotherapy, so I'll just go ahead and tell you...... One of the best ways to reduce your stress level is to follow a relaxation routine such as the one shown on this page.

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A personal note from Phil: Look, I don't know if your chemotherapy will work or fail. I'd like to think that it would help. Only you know the kind of lifestyle you lead. But if you are worried about your cancer, there is every likelihood you will also be highly stressed. As you go for treatment, your stress level is going to rise. And if you are at all athletic, you will have to rest well before submitting yourself for treatment. That much is now obvious.

This CD has been around for a couple of years and I've been banging on endlessly about the benefits of going into surgery with as little stress and anxiety as possibility, so that you may have a good chance of a faster, more thorough recovery. And for the most part, in every instance actually, the emails I have received about this CD demonstrate that it is useful in all areas of surgery, external or internal.

When I read about this research, it was clear that the evidence for this has now been well and truely established, by parties that show no bias toward alternative or complementary approaches to cancer care. And even though the caretakers of therapyland knew deep down that this had to be true, the complementary way only had anecdotal, hypnotherapy or acupuncture studies to back up our claims. Well now, no such cries of one sidedness will stand up.

This CD is barely half an hour long, but it has already changed the way people see their illness. It has placed them centre stage in the part they play in their own surgery. You do not have to be a passive observer any longer, You can have a direct influence on the way your surgery goes, just by removing the stress of the procedure, by being positive about the outcome and by direct action post-operatively, in your own care and recovery.

If you have a loved one who is newly diagnosed and is scared about what lies ahead, or even if they have started chemotherapy, or radiation treatments already, don't leave it to chance, GIVE THEM THE BEST CHANCE, by getting them listening to this purpose made relaxation routine, and hitting the right mindset prior to surgery or treatment, whether chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or both.

REFERENCE: (Source: Molecular Cancer Research, 2010; September 21: doi: 10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-10-0181)

This CD sells all over the world and here is what some people have said:
  •   Hi Phil, just to let you know my surgery went really well and I'm healing nicely. It was amazing, considering I've spent the last three months being absolutely terrified when I got there I was completely calm, didn't need any sedation, just had the local anaesthetic. I was at the hospital for five hours with periods of waiting in between procedures and I couldn't believe I've been more nervous at the dentist! I'm sure my meditation helped, thank you. Allison - UK  

  •   Hi Phil, I just wanted to write and say a big THANK YOU for helping my mum. My sister bought your CD about operations and surgery as my mum was going into hospital for breast surgery and chemotherapy. Mum is well on the mend and she has said many times 'that man on the radio helped me'. Of course, she's talking about your CD. I can't thank you enough and I wish you every success with it. Best wishes, Becky Neely. Becky Neely - Nottingham, England, UK  

  •   Hi Phil, Just thought I'd let you know that the CD helped a lot - even used it on day of op and entered into it feeling very calm and confident. 7 weeks on now and I'm doing very well. Love, Julia (Julia H. lives in the UK)  

  •   Dear Phil, you have such a calming, natural voice for this work and I found myself transported to heaven everytime I heard your pre-operation CD. My knee operations went smoothly and I am making a full recovery. I walk everyday and am enjoying life again. I have no doubt your CD was the one thing that helped with my positive attitude. God bless, Vicky Hunter. Victoria Hunter - Swansea, Wales, UK  
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    • Time investment: 33min 42s
    • Use for all types of surgery and illness
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Develop a positive frame of mind by listening to your CD regularly:
In hospital, attitude is everything. You'll see this when you get in there. Around you will be people who want to blame everybody else for their condition, and to share their illness; everything is negative and down. These people will suck your energy and sap your strength. They can't help it; they are afraid and they are anxious. This is not their fault, but it is how they survive.
You need to be strong, for yourself and them.

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Note 2: I am karmically convinced of the safety of this product, but as I cannot directly influence how you use the CD, I can assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur to you or anyone else who uses this product or applies the healing technique. The method of Healing presented here and on the CD is not intended as a substitute for professional health care. - Phil

Note 3: Please be aware that this CD does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Continue with your prescribed medication. Self healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

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