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Reflexology for Infertility, to Induce Labour & to Support Your Health & Wellness in Pregnancy

Reflexology - An effective healing technique during pregnancy

Reflexology for fertility issues
Infertility can be an expensive business, emotionally crippling and chronically stressful, to a young couple trying to start a family. You can usually both get tested via your doctor and if you're lucky you may be entitled to a free go at IVF on the NHS, but if you are struggling and decide to keep going on your own, you will be paying out large sums of money for each and every IVF treatment, roughly in the region of 2000-3500 each time.

However, there is a complementary treatment that seems to be helping couples overcome the problems of infertility, and that therapy is reflexology. There is a large amount of anecdotal evidence to suggest that reflexology helps the body give the IVF the best chance of success. I have even seen this in my own practice.
Reflexology for Infertility
One patient had already paid for 3 lots of IVF. Unfortunately these attempts, over several years, didn't work, and now she was going for a 4th time. I offered to give her some treatments beforehand, it was obvious she was depressed, worried, anxious and resigned to never having a child of her own, so I just thought this might help her to relax and just have some time to herself. I was offering massage, but she asked if we could do reflexology.

We had several sessions prior to the IVF, and a few weeks later, she was delighted to learn that she was pregnant again, and soon passed the previous points of loss. The hospital was very happy with her progress and a full term baby girl was the result. Within a year, she was pregnant again, this time naturally and without any help from any clinic.

Fourth time lucky? Maybe. But just maybe the reflexology helped a little. And it is obvious now that whatever was causing the body not to catch naturally, was sorted because of the second natural pregnancy.

How can this be?
We're not actually saying that reflexology caused the happy result here, but it is a bit of a coincidence, don't you think? Especially, when it happens over and over again in therapy rooms across the country. Other reflexologists have noticed similar incidences in their practices, and there is lots of anecdotal evidence that reflexology is useful in many areas of pregnancy, and non-pregnancy alike.

No one can deny that patients report feeling more relaxed, less stressed, more positive, energized and happier. They sleep better, longer and deeper, they wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. They are more rested, suffer less pain and generally feel 'better' than before. Could it be this that allows the body to function normally?

Reflexology to induce labour
So here's where it really gets wierd. You get to 40 weeks, you go past your due date and nothing is happening. Thankfully, so many midwives are enlightened enough to actually suggest overdue mum's go and have some reflexology to 'get things going'.

You're not alone, about one in five babies are born at 41 weeks or even later. Many maternity units in the UK have a policy of inducing labour before 42 weeks, but that's only because statistically there is a small potential for things to go wrong for mother and baby. Besides, by then, it's likely that you're feeling a bit fed up with being pregnant and just want it over and done with. I know, that's a bloke talking, but I'm only repeating what I hear at The Haven.

So what do you feel when performing a reflexology treatment?
Reflexology to Help Induce Labour When someone comes for a reflexology treatment to induce labour, the one thing you notice about the feet is that the pelvic region is solid. Yes, that's right, hard to solid. This includes the sacrum and coccyx area of the medial heel, the hip and lower back of the lateral heel, the rectum, bladder, uterus and sciatic nerve reflexes are all tight. Is that a coincidence?

Not only that, but the normally soft paddy area of the big toe, which represents the pituitary gland, pineal and hypothalamus, can also be hard to touch.

Now I don't know about you, but if you are late giving birth, maybe the pelvic region is the problem. Maybe it's not ready to 'let go' and for you to give birth. Why would that be? I don't know. But it does seem to show, the issue of late birthing is showing up in the reflexes of the feet. So we go through the reflexology treatment, spending plenty of time on these regions of the heel and toe. We work them until they soften and release. Yes, they actually change state to soft and relaxed.

What happens next is usually a happy mum and a successful birth. Of course it doesn't work for everybody, otherwise you'd be able to get it on the NHS by prescription. But it works often enough for there to be lots of chatter about it on the internet. Is it just that reflexology encourages the body systems to work at their optimum? As one mum of 4 told me, 'Perhaps reflexology puts the body in a good frame of mind, I know it does me'. I just thought, that is so true.

Reflexology during pregnancy, or maternity reflexology
Reflexology is one of the most relaxing of all the complementary therapies and is perfectly safe during pregnancy. But apart from the relaxation, why bother?
Reflexology during Pregnancy
Reflexology helps to balance hormonal output during pregnancy. Relaxin is a prime example, as too much of this hormone can soften the pelvic cartilage excessively and create pain. This pain is called Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) now, but was previously called Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD).

Common pregnancy aches and pains succumb to the reflexologists fingers, helping women feel more relaxed, less anxious and more comfortable. Reflexology can be a great help to feelings of overwhelm, including any physical, emotional or mental changes during the pregnancy.

The best part is your average midwife is more than happy to recommend reflexology, because it can avoid the need to take potentially harmful drugs. Not only that, it can help with things like nausea, pain, fear, anxiety, digestive issues, backache, SPD, sleeplessness, tension and low energy.

So why do you think reflexology seems to be able to produce these amazing results?
At the moment, no one can say that reflexology has produced the results that all the patients who claim it has worked for them, has really been the case. After all, they don't know their own bodies at all, do they? They are the least qualified to decide if their body feels like it is working better. See how ridiculous all this sounds? To the scientific community, this is what is meant by anecdotal evidence. Worthless nonsense.

Tell that to the woman who is now pregnant, who has been trying for 4, 5 or 10 years. So what is happening?

I simply believe that reflexology is able to bring the body to a state of balance. A state where the endocrine system runs smoothly and helps your body function properly. Reflexology smooths the communication between the body systems that allows them to do the job they were designed to do. Can it be that simple?

If you pull a hosepipe around the garden it will eventually kink and your water will stop flowing. Pulling and tugging doesn't work, you have to go back to the kink and straigten out the pipe, and your water flows again, the hose works properly. Infertility can be quite literally a 'kink' in your pipes. Reflexology seems to have that ability to straighten out the conflicts in the body that stop it doing its job properly.
Reflexology for a Healthy Pregnancy
This is why many women use reflexology to help them gain some relief from things like menopausal symptoms, heavy or irregular periods, painful periods, visceral pain during the menstrual cycle. In fact, reflexology seems to come into its own for anything that displays the symptoms of a dysfunctional cycle. It seems to allow the body to work more efficiently, to create a healthier enviromnent so that pregnancy is more likely.

For pregnancy to happen, the male part has to be present at the right time of the cycle for there to be a union of egg and sperm. All those cyclical parts have to work in the right order, at the right time, at the right temperature, at the right chemistry and pH, in the right place, so the egg can be caught in the right location for development as it rushes headlong for the exit, and another missed opportunity. With so many things to get right, and so many variables, is it any wonder that pregnancy can be difficult to achieve?

Of course, that's always assuming all those tiny sperm have viable tails and a good sense of direction.

Just a note of caution before we start: Having been a reflexologist for well over 18 years now, I am perfectly aware of the many benefits reflexology can bring to improve health, and I see all the time the wonderful effect it has on patients and the public alike. However, NO reflexologist, including myself, can ever promise you a cure for ANY disease or an outcome of any condition you may be suffering from, including infertility issues or pregnancy issues. If you find one that does, turn around and walk out the door. Firstly because this is their ego talking, and you're better off not getting inside their head, and second, their insurance, if they even have any, is now null and void because of the direct violation of clause 9 and 14 which states that diagnosing, interfering with medical diagnosis and promising something you can't actually deliver, or guarantee, is illegal.

Reflexology during pregnancy is not only practical and safe, but beneficial to mother and baby alike. The aim is to create a smooth, trouble free pregnancy from start to finish. Please call or email to make your appointment and allow me to pamper you while you drift off somewhere nice in your imagination, or gently close your eyes and enjoy the relaxation and special time for yourself. I look forward to seeing you soon, phil.

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