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Therapeutic Massage - Healing Power by Touch

See, feel and sense the health benefits of Therapeutic Massage!

Woman receiving a back massage There is a growing demand in therapyland for therapeutic massage, even by people who don't really understand the importance of the word therapeutic. Rarely nowadays do people ask for a straightforward relaxation massage purely because of the pleasure of it. The hightest demand is now coming from the hurt, the injured, the sore and the exhausted.

They have heard, by family, friends or the internet, that if something hurts, like the neck, the back, the hips or legs, then there is a fantastic treatment out there that involves massage, but also promises something more in a therapeutic sense. Ask them to define it and they will simply reply, just go and try it, then tell me after how you feel.

There is this underlying knowing in the general public that therapeutic massage is good, but few can really say exactly why it does you any good, or indeed, how it works, they just know it does.

So that would be my advice to you; go and give it a try. The benefits will be substantial and widespread, from headaches, insomnia, muscular pain, back pain, fatigue, stress, circulatory problems, neurological problems, arthritis and many more conditions and ailments too numerous to describe here. Woman in pain when rising from a chair

The main thing I like about Therapeutic Massage is the way you can target specific areas, either with pleasureable and delightful moves, or through the use of carefully adjusted pressures and manipulations, using greater power and accuracy when addressing injury.

This approach, I guess my approach really, is to incorporate different modalities into the massage, such as Neuromuscular Therapy and Bio-Stress Release, to help you get the healing result you are looking for and thus making it beautifully therapeutic. When done in this way, therapeutic massage is a very valuable and highly regarded healing art, that has an enormously beneficial impact on all the systems of the body.

What benefits will I gain by coming for a Therapeutic Massage?
The main and most important benefit you will gain is likely to be freedom from pain and injury. Sometimes this can be quite quick, and sometimes it can take several sessions. You will soon get an idea of how your body is responding. Therapeutic massage is designed to kickstart the body into healing mode.

You know sometimes when you've had an injury, a tight muscle, or something else wrong for a long time, you just stop looking for answers? The brain is so fed up telling you there's a problem it goes into sulk mode and stops telling you except to send the odd pain signal. In the meantime, your range of motion (ROM) remains restricted, you find other ways to do jobs that this muscle would normally do and you don't think of it again until the next link in the chain starts to complain and the cycle starts all over again. Woman gently exercising her scapula with dumbells

For example: Perhaps you pull on a box to quickly, or you slip and grab a rail to stop yourself falling backwards, only to find you have hurt your scapula muscles. They are sore and they sting when you move your arm, so you hold your arm into your side a bit more, start doing more with your other arm, and decide to rest your wrenched scapula.

Bear in mind the body is supposed to move. When it does, the muscles, fascial tissue, and all the joints involved are lubricated by internal fluid exchange, like getting a squirt of WD40. When they don't, they tend to seize up. A reduction in slippage between your scapula and your rib cage causes a reduction in lubrication and an increase in concentration of material like cholesterol, which is a kind of glue.

The scapula becomes fixed in this position and would hurt if you tried to move it very far. This bone is designed to move comparitively enormous distances across and up and down your back sliding effortlessly over your ribs. So if the scapula isn't making the movement, something else has too. Man suffering with back pain This is all the muscles that support the scapula and attach to things like, your spine, your shoulder, your collar bone, your neck and your ribs.

Eventually you will damage one of these and get back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain or pains in the arm. You may even start to experience a burning sensation in the muscles, pins and needles down the arm, headaches, breathing difficulties, diffuculty turning or leaning one way or the other. All because your scapula is locked down to your ribs.

Therapeutic massage will address this issue, usually in one session.

Once you feel your scapula 'lift' off your rib cage and start to move again, it's like having a new lease of life. You can do things again without pain. And the only thing you have to do afterwards to maintain it? Shrug your shoulders regularly, rotate your shoulders, first one way and then the other to maintain that lubrication. Don't worry, I'll show you what to do just before you go.

Therapeutic massage is a professional massage therapy for health and wellness
Try therapeutic massage for long-term or chronic issues, and problems caused by (but not limited too):
  • Driving injuries - sitting/steering in an unnatural position
  • Computer injuries - spending all day at your desk Runner with possible hamstring strain
  • Pedestrian injuries - stubbed toe shock to ankle, knee, hip; slipping off a kerb
  • Trips and falls - ladders, stairs, steps, thresholds, slips on ice or wet
  • Cycling injuries - hams, quads, calves, shoulders, wrist, back (you name it!)
  • Back injuries - prolapse disc, painful lumbar, thoracic or cervical vertebrae
  • Hip injuries - piriformis syndrome, SPD, PGP, groin strain
  • Lifting injuries - back, arms, elbows and wrist
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) - strangely mostly arms, wrists, hands
  • Sports injuries - any sport, any injury (all sports can produce injury)
  • Degenerative conditions - back, joints, muscles, discs
  • Sprains and strain injuries - limbs and joints
  • Animal injuries - falling off a horse; damage from cattle and livestock
  • There are a million ways to get injured, but one modality that is helpful in almost every situation (right alongside anything else you are using), is therapeutic massage. Why not give it a try?
Use Therapeutic Massage to treat your long-term, chronic pain and lack of mobility issues and symptoms. Often times we think that a stiff or sore muscle or limb will improve by itself, and then we find it is not only worse, but worsening by the day, week, month. Make the decision today to do something about it. Your overall range of movement is vital to your long term health, harmony and wellbeing. This gentle approach to self care is a good first step to living a supple, agile and healthy life. I hope you have found this information useful and feel encouraged to give Therapeutic Massage a try. Please contact me if you want to find out about appointments and prices. I look forward to hearing from you. Phil.

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