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How Not to Worry

Stop Needless Worry, Anxiety and Stress in an Instant!

Do you worry needlessly about your health, your family, job, children, situation, finances, all of the above?
Get help now: If you worry all the time and don't know why, are sick of the consequences of worry and want to do something about it, you can find help right here. Let me show you a way to help you control your own worry using self-help techniques that won't let you down. The number to call to book and visit The Haven Healing Centre, can be found below. I look forward to seeing you soon. Phil Woman looking pensive and worried

Worry is a type of anxiety. A fear of the unknown, a fear of the unseen, a fear of the future. The more you worry and think about something bad, the more likely it is to happen.

Where does worry come from?
It is a way of thinking that always looks at the negative aspects of a situation. It may be a learned behaviour. We may see our parents, grandparents, peers, acting in a certain way, and copy this behaviour, as we see the strategy sometimes produces the result of initially soliciting help from those around. However, by continuing this behaviour we also discover later on, how worriers alienate themselves from others, who see the worrier as always negative and trying to drag everyone around them down to the same level.

This is when the worrying becomes excessive and the worrier can become depressed. The brain has already established this as a successful strategy and so concludes that its doing it wrong, or not worrying enough, and so instead of changing the pattern, redoubles its efforts to succeed, by creating more worry and more negativity. It becomes an established habitual way of thinking.

But that is how you help yourself to stop worrying. Worry is a habit, just like smoking, and because it is a habit, developed over time, you have the ability to overcome it and ultimately to replace your worry with a more positive habit and attitude.

A man looking worried What sort of things do you worry about?
Your own health? Your children? Your relationships? It is a known fact that nearly half of the things people worry about never happen.

Can you imagine how much energy is wasted worrying about something that isn't going to happen anyway? Constant worriers are often physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. If that's you, then statistically half of your exhaustion is due to needless worry. Imagine how much better you would feel if you weren't wasting so much of your energy on worry, but instead redirected that energy to problem solving the other half.

Many people worry about things that have already happened. Perhaps of repeating an earlier action or event that led to pain, such as a car accident, a slip or fall, that led to prolonged injury. This is putting pressure on yourself to think of new ways of the same thing happening to you again and finding solutions to something that is likely to happen or destined to happen. There is also the worry that maybe your children will slip, fall or injure themselves, and so you set about finding reasons for them not to do things, just in case.

Woman looking pensive and worried What is certain is this; you bring yourself closer to what you think about most of the time. You need to find a technique that will help you learn to 'let go', and take action toward prevention. That's the plan of treatment here at The Haven Healing Centre.
The second thing that is certain; YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE PAST.

If you have made a blunder that has cost you dear, understand that you cannot, and never will, change it. You cannot go back in time and create a new timeline, so why worry about what you can't change? What you CAN do, is make amends, forget it, accept it, get revenge (in reality, I don't advocate this course, but it is here as it is a legitimate course of action), take action to make sure it doesn't happen again, forgive yourself and anyone else who had anything to do with it, just forgive yourself and move on.

The biggest waste of time ever is worrying about what other people think.
The amount of disparity between the worry levels is completely opposite. Like, on, off, right, left, up and down. Because the truth is, you are worrying like mad and the other person doesn't give a sh1t, and probably doesn't even know how you feel about it anyway. Whatever it is you're worried about, something they've said or done, they probably forgot about a minute later, and you're still seething, angry, worried and very negative. All the energy spent and lost to this exercise is on your side.

Many people worry about their health, and you might argue that this is a good thing. And of course, it's important to ensure we have a good diet, sanitary living conditions, the means to access medical help when needed and the knowledge to stay healthy.

A man looking worried Health worries become burdensome when every headache is going to lead to a stroke, every knock is going to break a bone, every pain is a terminal disease and every unusual sensation is a tumour. In fact, cancer is one of the most prolific reasons for worry. Made worse when one or more members of the immediate family or social circle are diagnosed with cancer or die from it. Many people worry they are going to end their days in great pain.

If it's not your own health you worry about, it may be your children or partner. Overly worrying about children can affect their relationship with you, their friends and their education. Also, remember the earlier comment about passing your own worries onto your children and burdening them with your worrying behaviour. Think back. Was this how you learned to worry?

Some people dream up things to worry about on a daily basis. Is this what you need help for? Most of the time these are not world changing worries, but insignificant worries, still they are a real concern for many people. Remember we are talking here about needless, excessive worry. The kinds of worry that often manifest in the very object of that worry. Missing a favourite TV program, being late for an appointment, getting in all the shopping, missing the bus, worrying about what's for dinner, or what to wear.

Developing a strategy, and learning techniques to stop this kind of worry actually frees you up the time and energy you need to solve these issues. The downside to wasting mental and physical energy on worry is that exhaustion often manifests in a compromised immune system. Instead of the body using all its energy to heal itself, so much is diverted into worry, the anxiety and stress often become illness and disease.

I even have people comment that they worry about how much time they worry. Everybody worries. There are a million reasons to worry. But there is not one reason or excuse to allow worry to take priority over ACTION.

  • Worry will rob you of your sleep
  • Worry drip feeds your body with adrenalin and this can become addictive. Well, you become addicted to the feeling it creates.
  • Worry will erode your self confidence and self esteem
  • Worry is often associated with panic attacks
  • When it seems impossible to win control over the worries, the worrier may develop obsessional behaviour or an eating disorder
  • Worry will make you a nervous wreck

    Does this mean I should aim toward NEVER worrying about anything?
    Woman looking happy and worry free Not at all. We all respond to 'fear'. All anxiety and worry is actually a fear of something. This can also create positive action and the energy to succeed. Taking positive action because you have had a niggling worry is a good thing and helps you find a solution. But it needs to end there. Once you have a new track record of solving problems you will have less reason to worry and more confidence in your self to make good decisions. But this, in itself, is not the whole answer. You will be better able to accept a reasonable amount of uncertainty.

    The future is uncertain, the path is not set, but the worrier attempts to gain a degree of control over that future by worrying. They con themselves into believing that by worrying they have control over the future. But this is not true at all. It is an illusion. As the future unfolds by presenting the worrier with surprises (unpleasant as well as pleasant), events and outcomes, it is important to realize these are only ever resolved by action, not worry. But the worrier is so entrenched in the belief that to worry is the solution, they very often miss out on enjoying the good things that the future will also bring.

    One person said; I worry so much it's like asking for trouble. And this brings us back to the idea that you are pressurized by, and manifest, what you think about most of the time. So that's how I see my role here at The Haven Healing Centre. To help you come to terms with your worry and to find ways to help you stop the excessive, needless worry, for good.

    My message to you is this: Please don't let worry take over your life, and ruin it. There is help available and techniques you can use yourself to take back control of your life. Stress and anxiety are known to create illness, stomach problems, pain and sorrow. If you live in any of the towns and villages in the list below, you are well within a 2-40 minute drive of The Haven Healing Centre, and I'd be delighted to help you.
    Please call Phil Chave on 01934 740275 to make your appointment or to talk about a treatment plan structured around your needs. Don't wait. Make your appointment today. You'll be glad you did!

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