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Massage Therapy after a Broken Arm or Leg

Learn the Secrets to Speed Up Limb and Bone Healing - FAST!

Specialized treatment to recover from limb dysfunction, limb pain and reduced mobility, after a broken leg or a broken arm, with simple massage, lymph drainage and positional release techniques

Restoring the movement in a limb following a severe break, or crushing, or wrenching, can be problematic at best, and near impossible at worst. Treatment for scarred, dysfunctional limbs One of the things that is important in limb recovery is OXYGEN. We get oxygen from the air we breathe. This is dissolved in our blood and delivered to every part of the body, fairly quickly after we breath it in. Without oxygen we die. But, with reduced oxygen, the body can continue to function, albeit at a reduced capacity. This in turn puts us at risk from other serious conditions; but that's another story.

Our capacity to heal is very much dependent on the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the dysfunctional area of the body. This is one of the reasons why, when you are admitted to hospital, you are fitted with an oxygen mask, and told to wear it. However, we don't all have oxygen cylinders in our lounges, so why is this relevant?

One of the things your arm needs, or your leg needs, following a break or surgery, is the time and chance to heal. But this can be complicated by the presence of pain, whether severe, dull, constant, or stabbing.

What does your body do when you are in pain? It draws in on itself. Muscles contract, tendons tighten, trigger points develop, bursa's may arise spontaneously, and inflammation will usually be the result. Let me ask you a question; if you have a sponge and squeeze it tight, then hold it under water, how much water will it absorb? If it is completely enclosed in your fist, probably none. If you release the sponge under water, what happens? As it resumes its shape, the sponge will fill with water. It will become totally saturated to its fullest extent.

Massage for a dysfunctional limb With a tight muscle, there is a restriction in the blood that can enter the muscle tissue, and a corresponding reduction in delivery of its payload of water, oxygen, nutrients and minerals. The healing chemicals. This is further complicated by continued inflammation, which pressurizes the joint, or limb, also reducing the ability of the body to pump blood through the limb efficiently. THIS IS WHAT SLOWS DOWN THE HEALING PROCESS!

Actually, that, and lack of exercise. Exercise is the one thing that brings the heart rate up to drive the blood around, and it is muscle movement that draws out the used exhausted fluids and waste products, as lymph. When a limb is in pain, you tend to stop, or reduce your demands on it to perform tasks. Essentially, you stop moving it. As a consequence, oxygen delivery is reduced and healing is slowed to a crawl.

What if I leave my limb to do its own thing? Will it get better on it's own?
Um, yes. Eventually it will likely improve. It may get perfectly better, but it is more likely to get somewhere near better, usually a shadow of it's former self. With underlying residual dysfunction, residual pain, reduced range of movement, and we haven't got to the winter yet, just wait 'till it gets cold.

So what will massage, and lymph drainage, and body stress release, do to help me?
Well, it'll drive the blood into the limb, and into the joints, and into the muscles, tendons, tissue and ligments. Oxygen delivery will be many times the static rate, and recovery of the waste will be super efficient.

Treatment for dysfunctional limbs Why is waste recovery that important?
Have you seen pictures of families and kids living in third world countries, where the same stream is used as a water supply, a washing machine and a toilet? When the population gets sick, some charity turns up with a truck load of anti-biotics and drugs. Does the population get better? Maybe for a short time, while they are taking medicine, but the minute they go back to the stream, they get sick again.

You've got to remove the source of the disease as well. At a microscopic level, when your cells finish burning oxygen and sugar, the waste is spewed out by the cells into the spaces between the cells and must be removed. This can only happen effectively by movement of the limb. If you don't take away the waste products, then the limb stays sick, or swollen, or painful, or weak.

The answer here is to get yourself off to a physical therapist who can work with injuries. Some are great at doing this, some are bloody awful, but try to find someone who has more than one modality to offer you. Massage on its own is not as good as massage and lymph drainage (these are not the same; if someone tells you different, go somewhere else), and these together are also benefitted by the addition of Bio-Stress Release (Ortho-Bionomy techniques), and a proper guided exercise program.

This is The Haven Healing Centre approach to limb break recovery, so you can be assured you will receive the care you need to recover quickly and safely.
Massage for scars and limbs                   Massage for scars and limbs
If you are unsure of what to do to speed up your healing, or feel your recovery is taking too long, then I invite you to come for treatment soon. I will show you how to massage the soft tissue and even the boney area around your broken bone, so you can heal up your fracture and regain mobility, very fast. I will show you how to increase the blood flow and circulation to the area of injury and pain. This will have the effect of increasing the flow of nutrients and healing properties to the fracture site, significantly improving the repair and recovery of the broken bone. If this idea resonates with you, I invite you to visit The Haven Healing Centre in Cheddar for a limb rehabilitation session. Appointments and a treatment price list are available by clicking here. I look forward to welcoming you soon. Phil.

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