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CD & MP3

The Healing Garden Meditation
The Healing Garden Meditation - A meditation to heal the heart, mind, body, spirit and soul

This is a guided meditation that leads you from the place you are now, to a garden of magical power and healing. This meditation invites you to create a place of healing that is opposite of where you are right now, opposite from the pain, turmoil, stress and illness that may be blighting your life right now, to show you there is hope and peace and healing outside of life as it is happening to you now, and to turn things around, in your mind, in your body, in your spirit.

This has been one of my favourite projects and one which I have been wanting to do for several years. I think emotionally it was the right time for me because I was ready and simply wrote down and recorded what I was doing in that moment to heal myself. The result is what you will hear on the recording in its honest, raw truth, and you can do it too!
Visit The Healing Garden Meditation page to order your copy and create your own healing space.
CD Price: 6.95
inc. P&P
MP3 Price: 2.49
by instant download

CD & MP3

The Healers Own Healing Meditation
The Healers Own Self Healing Meditation - "Invoking The Healing Power Within"

Your Own Self Healing Health Plan. The gentle way to a new you. It's not unusual for therapists, counsellors, healers, carers, medical practitioners and health care professionals to eventually succumb to stress, exhaustion, disease and illness, even if you take excellent care of your own wellbeing.

Healers and carers, like yourself, often find themselves in great difficulty when they reach a state of exhaustion, become stressed or emotionally burned out. You can find yourself suffering depression, or an illness can take a hold, and things start showing up that weren't present before, like degenerative conditions, or old injuries re-manifest whenever you take on certain tasks.

The simple solution is to be kind to yourself; to take some time out to help you get back the strength, health and enthusiasm you had when you started, and KEEP IT! This simple, straightforward technique is easy to do and the results speak for themselves.
Visit The Healers Self Healing Meditation Page to order your copy and treat yourself.
CD Price: 6.95
inc. P&P
MP3 Price: 2.49
by instant download

CD & MP3

The Miracle of Self Healing
The Miracle of Self Healing Meditation - a 10 minute energy technique to heal the mind and body

You have the power to make profound changes in your own body. Harness that power NOW! The discoveries of the 20th Century tell us matter and energy are one and the same. In the same way that the mind and the body are one. We are becoming conscious of how multi-dimensional our body systems are and how we actively participate in the health of every bone, muscle, nerve and cell in our bodies, by the thought forms we hold in our heads. That means we have it in our power to change things for the better through our intention.

This Self Healing Energy Technique taps into your own inbuilt ability to direct that intention toward your own healing and wellbeing. It is quick to learn, easy to do and is highly effective at making changes in the way we look at our body's and our health.
Order your copy here: The Miracle of Self Healing Meditation. Comes with FREE instruction sheet.
CD Price: 6.95
inc. P&P
MP3 Price: 2.49
by instant download

CD & MP3

The Cord Cutting Meditation Technique
The Cord Cutting Meditation CD - Cutting the Cords of Attachment - A Self Healing Technique

These 'cords' are energetic links between you and other people. Have you ever thought about someone you haven't heard from in a long time and within the hour they ring you? Perhaps that kind of cord is good. But, sometimes the ties, or connections, we make with other people are not pleasant. They can upset us and have long lasting effects on our happiness and health.

Removing these energy cords brings a powerful sense of relief. It releases tension and pressure from dysfunctional relationships and allows you to re-establish them on a new level. This CD will provide a safe and effective way to deal with these cords, restore your life and take back your personal power.

For your convenience, email or phone help are available to support you while you work through the issues that you wish to detach from. Visit our The Cord Cutting Meditation page for more details.
CD Price: 6.95
inc. P&P
MP3 Price: 2.49
by instant download

CD & MP3

The Pre Surgery and Pre Hospitalization Meditation
Preoperative Anxiety Help and Healing - Treat Your Pre-Surgery Stress Before You Go To Hospital and Overcome Your Fear of Hospitals

Due for an operation? Get help and relief for surgery anxiety! This CD will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way of reducing preoperative anxiety for patients going through the trauma of surgery anywhere on the body. Play your CD as early as you can and as often as you can. The sooner you start listening to your CD prior to surgery, the more relaxed you will be, the more positive you will be, the more prepared you will be and the more effective it is going to be.

Research shows that your state of mind and body, before and after an operation, play a significant role in the way your body responds to the trauma of surgery. The more prepared you are, the less alarmed you are, the more likely you are to recover quickly and thoroughly.
Visit our Pre-Surgery Meditation Page for more details.
CD Price: 6.95
inc. P&P
MP3 Price: 2.49
by instant download
Breaking News: If you are undergoing a course of chemotherapy, or radiotherapy, this news will be of interest to you. Physical or psychological stress before chemotherapy or radiation therapy can have a detrimental effect on the effectiveness of these treatments. A biochemical reaction in the body can mean that these damaged cancer cells can continue to survive and grow:
Read the latest research from studies reported in the journal for Molecular Cancer Research.

CD & MP3

Order your Stammer Free and Stutter Free CD right here
Freedom from Stammering and Stuttering CD - Become Stammer Free and Stutter Free

Does stuttering make you feel stressed? Many people who stutter, children or adults, want to get a conversation over as quickly as possible, and stutter even more because of placing themselves under immense pressure to perform.

If you are a sufferer, or have a family member in that number, why not help them by ordering a CD on their behalf? It could be the best gift you ever send!

Order your copy here: Freedom from Stammering and Stuttering, or there is much more information about this subject at our parent websites. If you stammer, please visit our website here: If you stutter, please go here:, thank you.
Freedom From Stammering CD by Post

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The Freedom From Stammering MP3 Download


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