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Massage for Trauma, Shock and PTSD

Massage - The great all over healer for the body, mind and spirit

Massage treatments now available for trauma and shock - Feel the benefits, come and try for yourself!

What is it that causes the body and our minds to become traumatized? How does that work? What is the process that stops us from shrugging off trauma? Massage for trauma and shock We shiver and shake, find that we can't stop thinking about what happened, what should have happened, what you could have done, or said, differently.

I think there is a cumulative effect to trauma. By that I mean we store up small little traumatic experiences, which we process over time, and discipate over time. Hopefully, what happens is that we deal with one before we suffer another one. But the random nature of traumatizing events means that quite often they come, one after the other, in rapid succession. The death of a relative, loss of a job, an illness, even a large unexpected bill arriving on the doormat, or a near miss in the car.

Massage for trauma and shock We all deal with trauma differently. Well, we deal with it the same way, but our responses can be quite different. Something that is quite traumatic and upsetting to one person, can mean absolutely nothing to someone else, but the second person may cry like a baby at something the first person only laughs at. So, it's very personal and a question of degree. We could perhaps catagorize them as big traumas and little traumas.

Find out how you feel yourself about what constitutes a traumatic experience by taking this little quiz. You may even be able to think up some examples of your own. Give each example a score of between 1 and 10. 1 being hardly any reaction at all and 10 being a full blown horrific or traumatic experience.

  • An earthquake shakes the ground beneath your feet
  • You fall over in a crowded street, hurting, or embarrassing yourself
  • You are walking along a dark street when you feel like you are being followed
  • One of your parents dies suddenly
  • One of your parents develops a terminal illness
  • You hear of another tsunami on the news
  • You recall an abusive situation you suffered
  • There are graphic pictures of a bombing on the news
  • Someone you know was raped
  • Your best friend leaves you and moves away
  • You were caught stealing
  • You stole something but haven't been caught yet, and think you might
  • You got fired from your job
  • You were bullied at school Massage for trauma and shock
  • You are being bullied now at work
  • You got into a fight
  • You got into a fight, and lost
  • Your best friend just dies
  • That time the whole class laughed at you
  • When you came last on sports day
  • The time you got a slap in front of your friends
  • Being in a car crash
  • Escaping from a house fire
  • You wet/soiled yourself in school
  • The last time you really screwed up
  • You suffer terrible pain
I'm really sorry if any of these things sparked a bad memory for you, but for somebody somewhere, every one of these examples fits the criteria of a traumatic event at some time in their lives. Remember, it's a question of degree. What may seem minor to you, may be very traumatic for someone else. It's all a question of our experience and our interpretation. Massage for trauma and shock Children interpret things differently from adults because of the limited experience they have to do the analysis and to rationalize what they are feeling.

One thing is clear, all traumatizing events have something in common; they all have important consequences for our mental health.

Perhaps the main reason for that is because it is the brain that has to deal with the information being thrown our way. A traumatic event can be a lengthy, drawn out affair with peaks and troughs of trauma, or it can be sudden and over in a flash, like a car accident, witnessing an attack, or escaping certain injury. During those few seconds of trauma, millions and millions of bits of information are being processed by the body, the eyes, the ears, the brain. The brain has to process the information that it gets from those other areas of the body, analyse the data, do a risk assessment and take the action necessary to survive the situation, and it has to do all that in a fraction of a second.

As wonderful as the brain is, it's primary purpose is to preserve life. The sheer weight of information overwhelms the brain, which then downloads the excess into the body. It can't send it out into space, it can only store the energy of the trauma, and the information of the event, in the cells of our bodies. This is what I was referring to earlier when I said that the body has to process and discharge the trauma before it can be said to be fully resolved.

Massage for trauma and shock Unresolved traumas in the body can cause physical changes to the body, real chemical changes, that can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. If you're not too sure if that's true, try to remember the last time you were really, really, upset. What did that do to your body? How did it make you feel? Did you feel your muscles tightening, or a nervousness around your limbs? Did you feel unexpected pains anywhere, or jitters in your stomach? Did you have an acid feeling in your stomach? Did you stop thinking clearly, did your eyes blur, or your head hurt? Any or all of these symptoms are driven by chemical changes in the body, like the adrenalin response. And yet they came from a thought.

Trauma victims can have these chemical changes drip feeding into their bodies for hours, days, weeks and months on end. In the end it is diagnosed as an ulcer, depression, alcoholism, PTSD, or some personality disorder that requires medication.

This, I feel, is where massage can play a vital role in the recovery process. Hands on physical contact can create an incredible healing response in the body. It's like taking charge of the trauma, and giving it an outlet from the body. The relaxation of the mind and body, coupled with the physical contact is like giving the body permission to heal. Permission to 'discharge' the trauma.

Why not give massage a try? Massage doesn't have to be a luxury, though it is true, it should be luxurious. It is an investment in your short and long term health and wellbeing. More and more people are now discovering the health benefits of massage, which increases our quality of life immensely. Stress is now known to be one of the main contributors toward disease and illness in the body, yet massage can significantly counteract the effects stress has on the body, which makes it an ideal preventer of disease. If this idea resonates with you, I invite you to visit The Haven Healing Centre in Cheddar for a massage session. Appointments and a treatment price list are available by clicking here. I look forward to welcoming you soon. Phil.

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