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Spinal Touch Treatment for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) and Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)

A treatment breakthrough! Available in a time concentrated form

Ideal when you live a long way away from The Haven Healing Centre
I'm guessing you've read these articles already and have arrived here because you can see the potential benefits but are disapointed because the distance is too far to come for regular treatments. Well this could be the solution you need!

If you haven't read these articles, then I suggest you start there and then come back to this page.
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Pregnant Woman with SPD using crutches Allow me to show you and teach you this method, at a time convenient to you. Take home the benefits and enjoy a painfree pregnancy! I have designed this program for anyone who lives too far away from Cheddar or Somerset, to come weekly, or even less regularly.

This treatment program and techniques are very detailed, but not actually difficult to learn. I've spent years doing the leg work, refining the techniques and stages toward perfecting this particular modality. So now I can show you how to do it for yourself, in a simple, concentrated, training session. And, that's what I'm offering to do. Teach you how to perform the treatment on yourself, or on a partner, so that you leave here with the same knowledge I use to treat you, as if you were coming here for a series of treatments, on a weekly basis.

Not only is this convenient for you, because you only have to come here once, but you can get the same benefits as if you were coming regularly, but without the travelling, the expense, and the inconvenience. Does that appeal to you?

Who should I bring to make the notes and learn the technique?
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Pain in Pregnancy Bring the person who is going to treat you, so that they are the person doing the training. You can bring your doctor, your private nurse, your husband, boyfriend, brother, sister, even your mother. It doesn't matter who you bring, the point is, it should be the person who will treat you afterwards, when you are at home. This ensures they get first hand training and insight into the treatment and how to perform it effectively and safely.

How will they be able to remember the whole routine in one session?
Chances are, they won't! But don't worry at all. That's why I encourge your partner to bring a notebook and a pen/pencil. You will be able to make notes all the way through from start to finish, with me guiding what you need to include and what to leave out. you will have a complete breakdown of all the moves, the correct sequence, with clear diagrams and written instructions for you to study and remember, to ensure continuity of treatment for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond.

NEW! There is now a treatment manual, so you don't need to take notes. Included FREE with your training program.

Will I have to do this forevermore?
Good heavens, No! Once you begin to see improvement, you can cut down the treatments and when you are back to 'normal', and happy with your recovery, you can stop. SPD doesn't last forever and there is much hope of recovery. But if you have a bad day, or few days, you will know that it is a normal part of the ebb and flow of pregnancy, and normally, after only a few treatments, you will be right back to where you can cope.

Remember, that as your relaxin levels return to normal, you should see a drop in SPD and PGP, but this is not always the case, and many women retain a tendency toward continued pain and discomfort for weeks, months, even a year after delivery. So even if you have already had your baby, don't dismiss the idea of asking for help. If you are still in pain, learning and applying this techinque, could save you months and months of unnecessary pain and lack of mobility.

How much does this treatment and training cost?
125 if you intend driving here. This is a one-time flat fee and includes everything, including a copy of the manual.
You will need to set aside either the whole morning or afternoon up to a maximum of about 3hrs.

    Your fee includes:
  • The initial consultation
  • Your FREE reminder training manual
  • Medical history and discussion about SPD/PGP
    • Diet - exercise - work - homelife - sleep patterns etc.
  • The treatment of you, by me (the extended version, with commentary), to allow your partner to make notes, diagrams, ask questions, and learn every aspect of the treatment from start to finish.
  • A practice session. The trainee practices on themselves, and demonstrates they understand what to do, with extra coaching if necessary, until they are confident and conversant with the procedure
  • A second, cut down treatment to you, to ensure a thorough and effective response
  • Final briefing, followed by questions and answers, and any necessary aftercare advice
  • Before you leave, you will have chance to check over your notes so that you have a fully detailed treatment plan to take home and continue this work until you recover

  • Cheques (to Philip Chave) or direct bank transfer are required at the time of booking (details on request)
  • Address for cheques: The Haven Healing Centre, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3RU

Okay, I'm good to go, what do I do next? First call me on 01934 740275 or 07748 986 190 and tell me you want to start this program, so that we can get a possible date in the diary. Then you send your cheque for the fee, or arrange a direct bank transfer. Cheques should be to 'Philip Chave', and sent to The Haven Healing Centre, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Then you need to plan how you will get here, either by driving, train or plane. Vehicle mileage and fuel costs can be worked out on Google Earth. Our nearest train station is Highbridge, Yatton or Nailsea and Backwell Railway stations, and the nearest airport is Bristol International. I will arrange transport to pick you up and drop you off again, for your return journey. I look forward to welcoming you soon to The Haven Healing Centre where we can start the process of your recovery from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Phil.

Will this qualify me to treat other people in a therapeutic setting?
No! Definitely not! When you come with your partner, your treatment will be specifically designed to be used on you, and you alone. The training of your partner will be specific to your needs (which will be different to the needs of someone else with SPD). You see, I will have gone through with you, your history, lifestyle, medical questionnaire, the possible contraindications that are specific to you, and any other information that is necessary to safely complete your treatment. So, please only enter into this with a view to performing the treatment program on the person for whom it was designed. Thank you.

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